We believe that delicious pizza is created based on great quality and fresh ingredients, and put together using simple and authentic recipes — all crafted to make sure you have a great time.

We are all about freshness, that’s why we never arrange or top our pizzas before you order. This way, you always get your pizza exactly how you want it, either with extra or less toppings, to create your go-to recipe. Pizza happiness is always in your hands!

The secret is in the dough. We are committed to serve ‘the dough to die for’ – being exact about dough quality and the dough-crafting in our restaurant.

We also obsess about food being served stylishly. It’s the small details that matter to our customers. That’s why we pay so much attention to how food looks on the plate, how drinks are prepared, and how our waiters serve everything from an antipasto to a Calabrese.

This has been our founder Peter Boizot’s vision ever since he set up the very first PizzaExpress in Wardour Street in Soho, London back in 1965. It all started with him. He was wonderfully unique and he was proud of it. Peter didn’t just break the mould, he knocked down entire walls! He brought great pizza to Great Britain and a whole lot more.

In Peter’s pizza revolution, he introduced authentic Italian cuisine to the British and also revolutionized eating out in the U.K. with the kind of hybrid dining that combined high-quality food and value-for-money prices.

He didn't just build PizzaExpress back then, he still inspires us today. More than 50 years and over 500 pizzerias later, Manila continues the tradition of giving people the best pizza experience.